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Bubble & Drop Interfaces - Welcome to the Conference

July 06-10, 2015 (Potsdam-Golm, Germany)

6th International Workshop on Bubble and Drop Interfaces (B&D2015)

After B&D workshops in Empoli (1995), Genoa/Italy (2004), Granada/Spain (2007), Thessaloniki/Greece (2009) and Krakow/Poland (2012) we have the 6th B&D workshop now in 2015 in Potsdam/Golm, Germany.

Note, the 7th B&D workshop will be organized 2017 in Lyon, France.

You can find snapshots of earlier conferences here.

Although the first meeting in Empoli was a great scientific success it took 9 years to realize that such a topic is attractive to quite a large community and provides a lot of things to be discussed on a regular basis. Since then, the first workshop became the starting point for a series of workshops with increasing interest. Still, we can call these meetings workshops although we have two parallel sessions with the two COST actions CM1101 and MP1106. Anyway, we hope to enjoy hot discussions of open questions and non-ready work.

The B&D 2015 workshop will hopefully continue the successful tradition of the former meeting and provide the platform for fruitful discussions of experts from academia and industry.


Important dates

Submission of abstracts for oral contributions February 28

Submission of abstracts for posters March 15

Information for accepted oral/poster contributions April 01

Deadline for early bird payment April 30

Deadline for normal registration fee June 05

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